06 Nov '15

Does video deserve a place on your website? If you’re trying to explain a complicated concept, demonstrate the subtle visual clues in a complicated procedure, and keep an audience engaged in learning, then video absolutely deserves a place on your website.

What does good video look like? Consider this example: suppose you’d like to learn how to make strudel. You can certainly pick up a pastry book and give it a try, but how do you know if you’ve gotten the dough just right? How do you stretch it paper-thin without breaking it? What do you do if the dough tears? Wouldn’t it be nice to watch a master pastry chef from start to finish before you start? Watch as New York City pastry chef and cookbook author Nick Malgieri takes you from dough to table with step-by-step demonstrations in this beautiful Craftsy class.

HiJinx Productions’ producer Sarah Beatty worked with Nick, chef and cookbook author Sara Moulton, and many other talented and creative people to create classes for Craftsy, an online educational resource for people who are passionate makers and want a place to learn more about their favorite hobbies. Crafty’s custom platform and high production standards created a fantastic online space to learn new skills through well-produced web video classes.

Great web video doesn’t have to be such an expensive investment, however. Sound production principles and great content work just as well in less expensive platforms like Dig In, a customized garden-to-table television and web-delivered series Sarah produced for the Denver, Dallas, Chicago, Minneapolis and Seattle markets for YGHD. This clip illustrates how informative content and good, clean video production can help homeowners nail down pesky problems in their lawn. The same rules apply, no matter the budget: great content, clean video and sound, thoughtful editing and graphics.

The beauty of web video is that YOU control the content, how long it is, what’s important to show, and how it’s delivered. Well-produced web video can convey your message- whether it’s marketing, training or corporate communications. Do you have a project you’d like to talk about? HiJinx Productions would love to help!



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