23 Oct '13

Remember, years ago, when local television stations produced their own shows? In Denver, some of us will remember Blinky’s Fun Club on KWGN. But local television production has gone the way of the dinosaur, right?

Not if you’re a gardening guru and cooking enthusiast in Denver, Dallas, Chicago, Seattle or Minneapolis. HiJinx Productions’ producer Sarah Beatty is the producer for YGHD’s Dig In franchise, a garden-to-table television show hosted by local gardening experts in markets throughout the country.

That local expertise is the secret to the success of the Dig In multi-city franchise. It takes local knowledge to give the best advice about gardening conditions, adapted plants, and timing. For Dig In’s sponsors, the franchise offers a way to connect directly with viewers, introducing products, and demonstrating how and when to use them, giving customers the best chance of success.

In addition to garden TV, Sarah produces Denver-based design and fashion television show Good Living By Design, also for YGHD. The show features gorgeous local interior design, family-friendly design tips and tricks, and amazing restaurant tours. The show allows sponsor Décor & You to connect directly with a wide audience, complete with custom messaging that positions them as design experts in the industry.

What could your business do with a platform that connects you directly with your customers and positions you as an industry expert? It’s easier and less expensive than you think. Let’s talk!